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Research Projects

Quantum Computing

We are exploring the use of neutral atoms for quantum information processing using several related but complementary approaches. Experiments are underway with three dfferent atomic species: Rb, Cs, and Ho.


Rb: Rydberg blockade for atom-atom and atom-photon entanglement


Cs: single atom qubit array


Cs: holographic atom traps

Ho: laser cooling and collective encoding

Hybrid quantum interfaces

Quantum computing roadmap



Old Projects

Pattern formation in intracavity second harmonic generation

MPEG movie showing the formation of a hexagonal pattern in singly resonant SHG (numerical simulation).


MPEG movie of spiral wave dynamics in the internally pumped Optical Parametric Oscillator (numerical simulation, caution 7 MB file).  

Intracavity second harmonic generation in a KNbO3 crystal.


Quantum structures in second harmonic generation

Patterns and solitons in photorefractive resonators

Atom Optics

Parametric coupling of light and matter waves


older lab pictures


Internal information


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