UW Physics



Principal Investigator

Mark Saffman


Assistant Scientist

Larry Isenhower



Tian Xia

Michal J. Piotrowicz

Michael Gibbons

Jonathan Pritchard



Ph.D. students

Rb experiment:

Alex Gill

Matt Ebert (Walker group)

Minho Kwon

Cs experiments:

Siyuan Zhang

Kara Maller

Alex Carr

Marty Lichtman

Josh Isaacs

Chris Wilen

Ho experiment:

Jinlu Miao

James Hostetter



Salini K. summer 2013 (Bose fellowship program)

Rishi Ragsdale 2013-

Kevin Sampson 2013 -

Joe Kowalski 2013

Georgios Stratis 2011 - 2013

Laura Fleming 2011 -



Sunil Upadhyay 2013-


Former visitors

Linjie Zhang, Shanxi University 2011-2012

Former postdocs

Present position
Xianli L. Zhang 2010-2013 Postdoc, Penn State
Vladyslav Ivanov 2011-2013  
Gang Li 2010-2012 Shanxi University
Marie Delaney 2005-2006 Precision Photonics, Boulder, Colorado
Deniz Yavuz 2004-2006 Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Pasad Kulatunga 2003-2005 Visiting Assistant Professor, Lawrence University

Former graduate students

Siyuan Zhang, PhD


Trapping and Rydberg excitation of a single atom qubit in a blue detuned bottle beam

KLA Tencor

Larry Isenhower, PhD 2010 Demonstration of Rydberg blockade, a neutral atom CNOT gate, and entanglement generation Scientist, UW Madison
Thomas Henage, M.Sc. 2009 Real Time Data Collection and Management for an Atomic Quantum Computing Experiment (T.G. Walker lead advisor) Private industry
Erich Urban, PhD 2009

Coherent manipulation of single atom qubits using Rydberg states (T. G. Walker lead advisor)

Medical Physics, UW Madison
Will Williams, PhD 2009

Cold atom dynamics in linear and nonlinear optical potentials

Postdoc, Old Dominion University
Todd Johnson, PhD 2008

Rabi oscillations and excitation blockade between ground and Rydberg states of single optically trapped Rubidium atoms

Assistant Professor, Saint John's University
Oo-Kaw Lim, PhD 2006

Nonclassical correlations and entanglement in intracavity second harmonic generation

Lightwaves 2020
Yingxue Wang, PhD 2005

Nonlinear self-focusing in cold cesium atoms

Shell Oil, Houston, Texas

Nils P. Basse, PhD

2002 Turbulence in Wendelstein 7-AS plasmas measured by collective light scattering Siemens, Denmark

Morten Bache, PhD

2002 Quantum noise and spatio-temporal pattern formation in nonlinear optics Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Peter Lodahl,


2000 Spatio-temporal structures in cavity enhanced c(2) frequency conversion processes Professor, Niels Bohr Institute

Nicholas P. Heinemeier,


1998 Flow speed measurement using two-point collective light scattering NNIT, Zurich, Switzerland

Former Undergraduates

Colton Marti 2012

Ayah Almousa 2012 - 2013

Jake Skebba 2012 - 2012

2010-2012 Joe Kowalski -> Hearndon HEP group, Madison

2009-2012 Antoine Martin -> Physics grad student, Purdue

2008-11 Jake Covey -> Jun Ye group, JILA, UC Boulder

2009-11 Benjamin Broerman -> Ice Cube, Madison

2009 Jacob Brian Swan -> Heeger group, Madison

2008-09 Jon Sedlacek -> University of Oklahoma

2008-09 Adam Beardsley -> University of Washington, Seattle

2008-09 Thomas Noel -> University of Washington, Seattle

2006-2008 Stephen Neal -> Epix Systems, History of Science UW Madison

2007-08 Kevin Christie -> University of Minnesota

2006-08 Benjamin Spike -> University of Colorado, Boulder

2004-05 Nicholas Proite -> University of Wisconsin, Madison -> Alfalight

2002-03 Andy Ruland -> University of Texas, Austin